A Note on Handmade

Every OC piece is entirely handcrafted from start to finish. No two are alike, and each will have its own unique qualities that come with something handmade--small marks and scratches that come naturally from the slow craft of metalsmithing. My intention is never to create 'perfect' pieces, but instead raw and natural expressions of the world.

How do I buy an OC piece?

New work is currently released weekly on Thursdays at 6pm MST. I'll share them here, as well as post about them on my Instagram @oxbowcharlie during the week before listing. The best way to be sure you'll see new work is to turn on my Instagram post notifications as they will alert you as soon as I post. I also recommend signing up for my newsletter to make sure you're in the loop on all info.

  • If my 'Shop all', 'Earrings' etc pages are empty, that means I currently have none available. You can see previous listings under my 'Past work' section.

  • I do many in-person markets and fairs in and around the Rapid City, SD area. I will generally post about these in the week before the event on my Instagram page and send an email to my subscribers with my market schedule.

The piece I wanted sold! Will you be making more?

Every once in a while, I will recreate or make similar pieces. But the joy I find in creation lies with one of a kind work. These come from specific emotions and inspirations from nature that I express through that metal and stone, and it is difficult to recreate (sometimes due to where I'm at personally, sometimes due to supply availability). I likely will never be one to mass produce anything. That being said, if one of my pieces spoke to you and you're bummed to see it gone, let me know so I can plan to recreate it in the future.

Some tips for shopping with me:

I know it can be frustrating to miss out on a piece you wanted. I make lots of one of a kind work so I hope you will continue trying!

  • I recommend being on my website a few minutes early with your payment info ready.
  • Refresh the page often as sometimes it can take a minute to load new work.
  • Adding something to your cart does NOT reserve it, so be sure to checkout quickly. If you need to make multiple purchases I will refund extra shipping costs.

Do you take customs?

At this time, I am not accepting custom orders. I just don't have the capacity to give them the time and attention they deserve. If this changes, I will announce on Instagram and via the newsletter, so make sure you're signed up!

Why is your work so expensive?

There are many steps in making handmade jewelry, it is an incredibly slow craft. The cost of materials and tools (sterling silver has been at an all time high), time and energy designing and creating each piece--this can include sawing, texturing, sanding, soldering, polishing, stone setting, beading, the list goes on. Then there's time photographing and making listings, marketing my work, fees for email, website, etc, and the years I have spent honing my skills and learning new ones. Not to mention being self-employed, I don't have PTO or sick time. This is how I support myself and I've worked incredibly hard to get where I am, and I'm proud of my creations. This is all shown in the price of my work--I understand it can be an investment, but I craft every piece with the hope it will be with you forever.

Can I return items?

I generally do not accept returns, so please think carefully before purchasing my work and read product descriptions thoroughly--especially when it comes to sizing. Know your ring size before purchasing, as most cannot be resized. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions on an item! I do know buying jewelry online is tricky and I want you to be stoked about your piece, so please contact me within one week of delivery if there are any issues. Returns will be accepted at my discretion. You can reach me at cali@oxbowcharlie.com

  • Custom pieces and Made to Order items cannot be returned.

Do you repair items?

I will happily repair my own pieces. I create my work with a lot of care and intention, and they are built to last--but I am human and things do happen. I also understand they will go great places with you, and may need a little extra love down the line. Please contact me to discuss repairs and price quotes, these will be assessed on a case by case basis. If an item was damaged during transit, please contact me within 7 days of arrival. I do not repair pieces that are not my own.

Shipping Information

  • I ship orders within 5 business days. Most ship USPS Ground Advantage, which takes from 2-5 business days to arrive in the US.

  • International orders take from 1-6 weeks to arrive. I ship to the US, Canada, many European countries, and parts of Oceania. Buyer is responsible for any duties, fees or taxes associated with shipping internationally--keep in mind these can be quite expensive within Europe and often aren't due till the package arrives at customs, and I have no way of knowing how much these fees will be.

  • Made to order items will have specified fulfillment times on their listing, please be aware of this before purchasing.

  • I am not liable for any packages stolen or lost in the mail and cannot issue a refund if insurance is not purchased (see Green Shipping Protection below). Knock on wood, I haven't had many issues with shipments-- but for peace of mind I strongly suggest purchasing insurance.

At checkout, you now have the option to add Green Shipping Protection through Corso. What is this?

From Corso: Green Shipping Protection is 100% carbon offsetting, shipping protection, and dedicated support — offered by Corso. They're making it easy for customers to do right by the planet by providing an option at checkout to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with shipping your order. Additionally, every single package can be protected against theft, damage, and carrier mishandling to ensure your goods arrive safe and sound. We’ll do right by the planet together!

This shipping protection is automatically added to your cart, if you want to decline this service, unclick the 'Green Shipping Protection' box on the Cart page before you check out.

How do I figure out my ring size?

The easiest way is to go into a local jewelry shop and have them size it for you. You can also do it yourself by using online guides such as www.findmyringsize.com

Can rings be resized or chains made longer?

Most rings with stones cannot be resized, and necklace chains cannot be made longer. However there are exceptions, so please reach out with questions specific to an item. If it’s possible on that piece, there will be an extra charge for ring resizing (between $20-60).

On some necklaces, I can add a 2 inch chain extender and will do so free of charge - please reach out to me for details. Depending on the width of the ring band, some may fit more loosely or snug than their factual size. This will always be noted in the item listing to ensure you have the best info when purchasing.

Commitment to Sustainability

All the materials I use are ethically sourced. The sterling silver, copper, and brass are all recycled or repurposed when possible, and the stones I buy are always purchased from independent lapidary artists and other small businesses.

My packaging, including padded mailers for shipping, jewelry boxes, and business cards are all post-consumer recycled content. My packaging supplies come from EcoEnclose, a brand committed to sustainability in their products + practices. Every mailer is 100% recycled material, curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable. Most products are shipped in paper boxes or small linen pouches that can be reused for anything you'd like, and the logo I add is purposefully branded without words so that you can reuse them for future gifts. I also create many of my own packaging products, and  reuse shipping material when I can to ensure it is not single-use.